Getting Around Stockholm with Public Transport

Getting around Stockholm

Stockholm as an extensive network of buses, three metro/subway/underground lines (called Tunnelbanan or T-Bana), a number of tram lines, commuter rail lines and even ferries.


In order to ride public transport you must have a fare card, in this case called an Access card. They can be purchased at many convience stores and any T-Bana ticket window. The cost is SEK 20 ( a little over US$2 at the time of writing) and are good for many years.

Once you purchase the card you can add value to it -- either cash to pay for single rides or you can purchase a variety of travel cards.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are available in 24 hour, 72 hour and  7 day versions.

The 24 hour and 72 hour are valid for that many hours after the first use. For example, if your first us is 10:00am the card is valid until 10:00am the next day (24 hours) or 10:00am on the third day.

The 7 days travel card includes the full day for first use in it's duration. If you should first use it at anytime on Monday, it is valid until 4:30am the following Monday (basically Sunday night).. So if you arive late in the day it may be worthwhile to wait until the next day to purchase a 7 day travel card.

The 24 hour card costs SEK 115, the 72 hour card is SEK 230 while the 7 day card is SEK 300 (making it the best value)

Riding the Bus

Regular bus routes have numbers less than 90. Most buses are red but a few inner city "trunk" lines have blue colored buses. Your ticket is valid on both.

Many bus stops will have an electronic sign showing the next few arrivals.

You should always board thru the front door (unless you have a baby carriage). Tap your Access card on the pedistal next to the driver.

When you are ready to disembark, press one the red Stop buttons mounted throughout the bus. You will exit thru one of the read doors. On the blue buses you must press a "door open" button mounted on rails near the door. If you are a clueless tourist (as I was) the dirver will eventually open it for you.

You don't have to tap your access card when you leave.

Riding the T-Bana

T-Bana stations are marked with a blue T in a white circle:

There are baracades at most stations and you must tap your Access to enter the station. You do not nee dto tap when exiting the station.

The three main lines are marked with red, green and blue signs. Each of the lines has two or three spurs in the outer suburbs but in the city center essentially just the three colored lines.