Pubs in Gamla Stan

19 glas  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday

Whisky bar with Swedish craft beer.

Upstairs from the Flying Elk

Upscale restaurant with "craft" beer mostly from Spendrups

Dating from 1622, oldest tavern in Stockholm. Owned by Stene Isacson formerly of Akkurat. About half the taps are Franconian beers.

Connected with the Höganäs Brewery north of Helsingborg.

Cellar taproom for the Monk's Cafe Brewery specializing in dark beers. They have recently lost their permit to sell alcohol. The order is being appealed so I will leave them in the Guide for now.

Medieval restaurant with some interesting beer and meads. Axxess lounge opens at 1pm on weekends.

Bar attached to Barrels Burgers & Beer. Beers can be ordered from the restaurant

Irish pub with some Swedish craft beer.

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