WiFi available

WiFi is available in the following pubs.

19 glas  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday

Akkurat A Fred top pick  Full menu Live Music WiFi available Has received Cask Marque accreditation.

Stockholm's premier beer bar.

Whisky bar with Swedish craft beer.

Babajan  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday

Open for lunch weekdays 11am-2:30pm (including Monday)

Bar Central  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday Specializes in Czech Beers

Pilsner Urquell tankovna pub.

Upstairs from the Flying Elk

First Swedish pub in this growing brewery/bar chain.

Second Brewdog pub in Stockholm.

British themed pub

Mostly American craft beers but a few Swedish ones as well.

English themed pub.

Fifteen fixed and fifteen rotating taps.

Dating from 1622, oldest tavern in Stockholm. Owned by Stene Isacson formerly of Akkurat. About half the taps are Franconian beers.

Small pub with local craft beers on tap.

The latest entry in the growing Mikkeller beer empire. The previous (now closed) Mikkeller pub in Stockholm was a franchise deal and this one is corporate owned.

The "New Carnegie Brewery" is a joint venture between Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg. (which owns the Carnegie brand)

Oliver Twist A Fred top pick  Full menu WiFi available Has received Cask Marque accreditation.

Tiny tap room for Omnipollo (contract brewer, beers mostly brewed by De Proef in Belgium). Food is pizza

British style pub with some Swedish craft beers.

Irish pub with some Swedish craft beer.