Pubs on 66 Bus Line

New (June 2019) place for craft beer, Ice Hockey and board games.

Formerly Bar Central. They retained the 250 liter tanks (two of them) and still are serving Pilsner Urquell tankovná. The other draft beers are not interesting.

Humle & Humle  Full menu Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2022 On the To Do List

Translates to Hops & Hops

Small pub with local craft beers on tap.

Comfortable neighborhood dive bar with an eclectic beer selection

Mostly Spendrups but also Gotlands Bryggeri and Nils Oscar

Note: They have reopened but no information on the beer selection. First Stockholm location of this Göteborg chain. Half the taps are craft beer, half Spendrups brands — though a number of the latter are Gotlands Bryggeri beers and they can be decent.

Czech restaurant with only Czech beers, some unpasteurized and/or unfiltered.

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