Pubs in Kungsholmen

First Swedish pub in this growing brewery/bar chain.

China Kungsholmen  Full menu Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2019 Brewpub. On the To Do List

Chinese restaurant at the location of the former Café Proviant and they seem to have kept the brewery.

Fifteen fixed and fifteen rotating taps.

Industrigatan 2  Full menu Closed Sunday Closed Monday New entry in the Guide in 2022 Brewery tap, may have limited hours On the To Do List

Taqueria and taproom for Dunder & Krut brewery

Note: Was closed but appears to have re-opened. Awaiting reports. Second Stockholm location of the Göteborg chain. As with the Horstull pub about half the taps are from small breweries and half Spendrups.

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